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E-Commerce Web Hosting

E-Commerce, short for "electronic commerce," is defined as the act of conducting business over the Internet. Whether your solution involves an extensive online catalogue of products having search capabilities or just the ability to process credit card transactions in realtime, we can help you.

We have engineered our shared hosting services to be the ideal solution to meet the eCommerce web hosting needs of any small business. For those with more demanding Internet hosting needs, dedicated hosting servers prove to be a better solution. Each platform offers easy-to-configure shopping cart applications.

Shopping Cart :
At all UNIX hosting even the most novice user can setup the foundation for a professional online storefront complete with multiple templates to change the look and feel in minutes. If you wish to use a different shopping cart software, our servers are compatible with virtually any shopping cart software available.

Hosting - Quality & Features :
E-Commerce sites demand that your web pages load quickly. Any unnecessary wait may cause your prospective buyer to lose interest! Choose a host that does not overload its servers and has lots of available bandwidth. Our superior, fast web hosting servers make the perfect location to serve your web site.
We have many extra features included with our hosting service most at no additional cost. Our industry leading control panel gives you complete control! If you are not familiar with CPanel, please take the time to demo it now!
No site can be successful without visitors, and analyzing who your visitors are and where they come from is vital to the success of your store. Our web statistics software is full of all kinds of details to make your site succeed. It can tell you what sites are actively referring visitors to you, what search engines they came from, what search terms they used to find you, and so much more!

Hosting - Security :
It is your responsibility as a site owner to protect the privacy of the information submitted to you. Sensitive information transmitted to and from your site must be encrypted. Most accounts include a free shared 128-bit SSL certificate and all accounts have the option to purchase and install a dedicated certificate.