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Meta Tag Optimization
Meta Tags Optimization involves techniques to optimize a web page based on the keywords selected, targeting the streams of traffic to your website. In generic terms Meta Tags provides the information a user wants in search Engines. Proper usage of Meta Tags enhances the chance of getting indexed on the search engines.

Some industry best practices that are needed to be followed at the time of Meta Tags Optimization are given as below :
  • Not to overuse keywords in Meta tags, analyze the keywords with relevancy of the content on the web page.
  • Do not include Company name within the Meta Tags as it results in decreased keyword density.
  • If it is necessary to include company name within the Meta Tags use it after the targeted keywords.
  • Keep Meta Tags optimization unique for each page.
We at WebSky india Web Search have years of experience in Meta Tag Optimization services and our analysis is highly result oriented. Though there are several Meta Tag generator tools available online it is always recommended to take a manual approach with good research and analysis of the business of the domain.Meta Tag Optimization services would consist of the following :

Title Meta Tag :
  • This is considered as the most important Meta Tag and it carries considerable weightage for ranking on search engines.
  • Though there are several versions regarding number of words that should be used to design Title Meta Tags, the best practice we suggest is to test for each Title Tag in the browser window. Care should be taken to see that important keywords, that are used to target for a particular web page are not cut off in actual display.
Description Meta Tag :
  • Its importance stands next to Title Tags.
  • 150-200 words can usually be allowed in the designing this Tag.
Keywords Meta Tag :
  • Include Keywords using commas with single spaces.
  • Design using unique keywords.
Robots Meta Tag :
  • Specifies the pages/directories (if any) which should not be attempted by spiders to crawl.
Refresh Meta Tag :
  • SThe Meta Tag refresh attribute directs the browser to load a particular web page after a specified lapse of time.
  • Its usage is not recommended.